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In the very heart of Gipuzkoa

Urola Valley is located within the heart of Gipuzkoa; surrounded by mountains, forests and meadows, it hides a deeply valuable artistic, cultural, industrial and spiritual heritage: the Sanctuary of Loyola, hermitage of La Antigua, Oteiza's Pelota Courts, Ekain Cave, Cliffs of Zumaia... Come and discover the natural beauty of Gipuzkoa!

Religious heritage: The three temple route

The Santuary of Loyola. Loyola
100 m away.. Birthplace of St Ignatius of Loyola (Tower House), the Basilica of Loyola, Land of Ignatius Interpretation Centre and the Loyola Gardens.

Santuary of Aranzazu
53 km away. 9 km away from Oñate, above a precipice, the basilica is a tremendously significant work of art, sculpture and architecture, on which have laboured a host of internationally acclaimed Basque artists: Jorge Oteiza, Eduardo Chillida, Lucio Muñoz or Néstor Basterretxea…

Hermitage of La Antigua
20 km away. The hermitage of Santa María (La Antigua) at Zumarraga, is considered the Cathedral among Basque hermitages.

Cultural heritage: Zuloaga, Oteiza and the Ekain Cave.

Zuloaga museum. Zumaia
20 km away. Home and studio of renowned painter Eibarres. Most of his collection of art pieces are kept here.

Oteiza's Pelota Courts. Azkoitia
3 km away. Ensemble of 7 pelota courts made by the sculptor Jorge Oteiza.

Ekainberri (Ekain Cave). Cestona
8 km away. Exact replica of the Ekain Cave, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Industrial heritage: Urola railway and primitive iron works

Basque Railway Museum. Azpeitia

2 km away. A display of old locomotives, wagons and trams. Enjoy a steam locomotive train ride.

Mirandaola Forge. Legazpia
29 km away. Immaculate reconstruction of an old 17th century forge .

Agorregi Forge. Zarautz
26 km away. Forge-mill ensemble located within the Pagoeta Natural Park, and comprised of the Agorregi foundry and four mills, as well as the infrastructure of canals, dams and reservoirs.


Natural heritage: Zumaia Cliffs, Izzaraitz Massif and Mount Ernio.

Flysch. Zumaia
20 km away. The spectacular Zumaia cliffs, one of the most important and renowned geological sanctuaries in the world.

Izarraitz Massif
At the Izarraitz limestone massif we are able to distinguish between mounts Erlo (1026 m), Xoxote (942 m) and Kakuta (899 m). The terrain's characteristics ensure it is filled with potholes, sinkholes, caves and galleries, where many regattas take place. A place to relax, stroll around and enjoy nature.

Mount Ernio (1072 m), also known as the balcony of Gipuzkoa for its impressive views, is a summit deeply embedded with history and religious relevance. Two major religious and festive events take place on its slopes, which bring together thousands of people: Via Crucis on Good Friday and the September Processions.

Other tours

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